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Friday, January 13, 2012

rarely do i enrage myself by watching cnn. thought i'd give it a shot today, just in case they have started to develop an interest in journalism...

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Lindorff: Well, I wrote a book back during the Bush [former US president] administration called the case for impeachment, where I documented all the ways in which that president had undermined the constitution, undermined the bill of rights and it created a move towards a police state.

I had never imagined at that time that the next president would take it further but we now have a president, ironically, who taught constitutional law, who is taking us back now to an era before the American Revolution to the way things were under the British.

And to precisely the conditions: arbitrary arrest, detention without trial, terminating execution without a trial all these things that led the colonists to throw the British out of the United States.

It's an astonishing regression to an era of tyranny and I think that the problem is that most Americans are unaware of it. It hasn't even been written about in most of the media- the mainstream media in the United States is being blacked out and even when people hear about it, the tendency for people these days is to think well that really doesn't apply to me, this is about terrorists and so on.

And it doesn't. It applies to everyone like myself and to peace activists, writers all of us who are critical of the administration and foreign policy are at risk.

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the world's not ending

Are you ready for the sequel?

Sunday, January 01, 2012


Things I Think Will Happen Next Year

Sales of Mayan Calendars up for 2012, drop for 2013.
Martial Law in the USA, first probably in Louisiana
Depression greater than that of the 30’S
More wars for Israel, our rulers. Probably Syria soon.
War with Iran (!) for Israel may trigger WW3 conflict with Russia
World Supply of Band Names will run out
Americans will go along with this, but resisters will be FEMA camped.
America the one I loved, the one my dad fought for on Omaha Beach on D-DAY, the man who helped take out the machine guns on the cliff, won’t be alive to see young men wearing uniforms and BE the enemy he fought.
Fascism will be America. It already is. Simple definition: When government rules over corporations, that’s socialism. When corporations use government that, my friends, is fascism.
Foreign troops may likely be used in popular insurrections.
Snooki will have another “book”.

Stuff I Would Like to Have Seen In My Life

Truth about 9-11. THREE buildings went down that day. Building 7 wasn’t even hit.
Indians winning a World Series (OK, not so bad since my Jays won two in a row!)
Browns winning a Super Bowl
Truth about the JFK murder
Young people mobilizing for change instead of watching E!
USA not being Israel’s puppet bully.
An American awards show being half as good as mine. Or, basically, getting a chance here. I can run a show. I can create a show.
All those new girls I like naked liking me as much as I liked them
Living in Paris or New York again