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What's important here, is to focus on who you find yourself more attracted to:

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This may come as news to you, since Gore's win was thickly obfuscated in the press
reports, which cast it as a victory for Bush. That's the Big Lie that we got from The
New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News et al.,
which is especially weird, since those very institutions were all part of the consortium that carried out that vote-count. They lied about Gore's win because, by the time the vote-count was complete, it was two months since 9/11, and the nation was "at war," so that it would have been just too damn troublesome to tell the truth.

And, once having lied, it was impossible for those outlets to redeem themselves by
coming clean; and so they keep on variously claiming, even now, that Bush beat Gore.
A few weeks ago, for instance, the Times's Nicholas Kristof wrote a column likening
Hillary's diehard drive against Obama to Ralph Nader's theft of Al Gore's victory in
2000. The column resonated strongly all throughout the media and cyberspace, with
everybody and his brother parroting that line, and nobody (unless I missed it) pointing out that Nader could not possibly have made Gore lose, because Gore didn't lose; and if the Democrats were too damn cowardly to fight on his behalf, that's not Ralph Nader's fault.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The piece of shit publication The New York Times Sucks Ass recently released this statement regarding their complete failure to report ANYTHING about the recent Winter Soldier event:

My assistant checked with various editors at the Times to see if there was any discussion about covering the Winter Soldier meeting. The editor in the Washington bureau who oversees national security coverage said he had not been aware of the group or its meeting. The Times normally has three Pentagon reporters. The meeting fell within their area of coverage, and one of them probably would have been assigned had editors chosen to staff the event. But one is on book leave, one was traveling with the secretary of defense, and one was in Iraq covering the war. The Times also did not cover an announcement the following day by Vets for Freedom, a group supporting the war and claiming more than 13 times the membership of Iraq Veterans Against the War, the group which organized Winter Soldier.

I sent them a letter just after the event, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

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remember this, as you voluntarily hand over your hard earned money to the federal government

Iraqis don't care for being slaughtered purely for the amusement of highly paid American Fucks

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the republican party, the democratic party, fox new, air america: all fucking whores

may ad money turn to deadly fumes killing off those with the most of it. may all the conservative liars be rudely awoken upon death by fire-so-hot-it-can-melt-steel to the fact that there really is a heaven and hell. and may the democratic party implode.
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how come real news is only on the news when it's real old?