Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here's another story from a few weeks past, obviously ignored by the "News." An American company that has violated the U.S. Constitution with the help of America's first dictator, seems to have decided that if a paying customer wants to use his/her first amendment rights, their service can be terminated.

Apparently, some people still use AT&T.

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On a related note, of the only two phone companies I've ever used that DON'T SUCK, VONAGE (Opex was the other) was sued by AT&T and VERIZON [top two U.S. Constitution violators win on unrelated court cases -

while the government impedes lawsuits on said companies for infringing on our rights"].

Does anyone out there think that law and order benefits anyone but the rich and powerful? Does anyone out there think one can become rich and powerful without exploiting people, animals, or earth?
Hey fellow murdering slaves! What's up? Enjoying life? Awesome!

In case you missed the mainstream media's extensive coverage a few weeks ago, the "Feds" decided to fuck shit up for this guy who thinks that money should be WORTH something.