Monday, November 23, 2009

Majority of Republicans don’t think Obama won

Why? Because they’re tuned in to the right’s non-stop news feeds from Planet Batshit– and the Democrats, and “liberal media,” have never tried to set the record straight, not about Obama’s victory, but about the serial election fraud by the Republicans since 2000.

Yes, we (who are not wildly disinformed) know that Obama won it on Election Day 2008. But how many of us know how many votes were stolen from him on that day? How many of us know that Obama/Biden didn’t win a mere “decisive victory,” but took it by a landslide?

The only ones who know this fact are those who’ve actually looked into what went down that day (and throughout early voting): i.e., the network of Election Integrity activists, who tend not to be partisans of any kind. (Most Democrats were, and still are, so delighted that Obama won that they ignored, or instantly forgot, the GOP’s many and diverse strokes of election fraud and vote suppression.)

And so the EI activists alone know that the anti-ACORN propaganda drive is nothing but a bunch of crap (albeit quite effective crap)–and that, if anybody perpetrated voter registration fraud and voter fraud (as well as election fraud) last year it was the party of McPalin and Karl Rove. And if the Democrats, and/or the press, would listen to those activists, everybody else (the FAUX News fans excluded) would know it, too.

Until that happens, the voting system in the US will remain as anti-democratic as it is in any other country where the voters are essentially beside the point.



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