Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last night was one of the greatest television viewing experiences of my life. Bloomberg was destroyed. Not so much because Thompson is the most amazing man in the city, but because Bloomberg is such a weak little wimp. He can't handle not being in control every second. And here was a rare hour where Mike got to be treated like an "equal" to someone else. I look at the face of Bloomberg in that debate, and I compare it to his faces on the 14 full-color advertisements in my mailbox. They don't look like the same man.

He's not a leader. He a boss.

All but one of the NY1 pundits saw it as a clear win for Thompson. And I believe Bloomberg was totally destroyed (I'm not saying his run is destroyed since voting is purely about $$$, but if people were to actually watch that debate and vote based on it, Bloomberg would be done) I was by no means shocked when I looked in the NY Times this morning to find out that Bill Thompson was the clear loser. Thanks New York Times. How you liking your new building?


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