Monday, August 31, 2009

I don't think I'm gonna post much anymore. Obama has been President for 9 months, and nothing has changed for the better. Things have gotten much worse. More bailouts, more power to the Fed, escalated war, no justice for the once tortured, no justice for those still being tortured, thug mercenary contractors at an all time high, no repeated sledgehammer blows to Dick Cheney's face, or Karl Rove's, hiring Hilary, reappointing Bernanke, reappointing Robert Gates who should still be in prison for Iran Contra, buddies with Monsanto execs, continued use of terror threats to scare us into giving up our hard earned rights, no light shed on voting issues, or 9/11 investigation, no trace of mention of reversal of the completely unpatriotic Patriot Act, the continued targeting of journalists for death or jailing indefintely without charge. It's gotten worse, yet the only real outcry comes from the right, who Obama is actually supporting.

Obama IS the Neocon agenda, yet he somehow makes the Dems and the world happier about America. He won't admit it, but Obama is Bill Kristol's wet dream.

Fuck America. Fuck Obama. Fuck Humanity. Fuck The Bangor Blues.


Blogger Jason said...

I still think you should post. If for nothing else it is a record of the collapse.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009  

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