Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i sure do love the northeast. at least over half of its voting residents anyway. but on a personal note, i should probably pay attention to slandering susan collins more. wtf? don't you just vote the line in maine? ... obviously those who would love collins would do just that. and they voted for mccain. but if she won, that means she's got democratic support. so? show yourself! sexist women? mentally challenged? or do people feel bad for her? or hopeful that they too can obviously succeed? or am i missing something? has she done something even slightly thoughtful? how about productive? has she even said anything that applies to reality? has she said anything that anyone understands?

serioulsy, i'm no expert.

i'd love to hear of some positive moves that have resulted from the bold insightful political manuverings of Susan Collins.

or did a number of republicans actually vote for obama?


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