Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After some confirmed cases of unreported votes in the recent New Hampshire primary, and what seems to be a huge disparity between polls and votes counted by hand versus polls and votes counted by machine, little known Republican candidate Albert Howard and Democrat Dennis Kucinich requested a recount of the New Hampshire primary, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Shortly after submitting this request, Kucinich was UNINVITED to tonight's MSNBC "debate." So he sued MSNBC. And he won. We are led to believe that television news stations are here to inform and educate the people. So it would make sense that MSNBC would re-invite Mr. Kucinich. Instead, MSNBC is currently appealing. Why? Because the debate is for them. Not us. The company is owned by GE, which makes untold amounts of money off war contracts.


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