Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Bush Regime is mad that Michael Moore went to Cuba to seek medical help for ailing 9/11 emergency responders (thanks Rudy and Christine...and Dick...thanks for being the most unpatriotic fucks in America's history), while simultaneously releasing known terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

So, I guess these are the Republican party's major points to remember:

Lying about serious health risks to American 9/11 victims = good
Seeking medical treatment for damages suffered thanks to those lies = bad
Terrorism in America = bad
Testifying under oath = bad
Using 9/11 to kill, torture, and destroy OUR! country = good
Terrorism anywhere else = good
America = great! awesome as ever...just as long as you're not American and you are a terrorist
logic, intelligence, reason, humanity, equality, freedom = very very very bad

"Vote" for The Bush Regime in 2008


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