Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Three Events

"One is in the consumer price index, which they use for fundamental measure of inflation. They have removed the cost of food and gasoline, from the consumer price index, to convince people that there's no inflation. The second move was, that in March, the Federal Reserve stopped publishing data on the M3 money supply, which is probably the best measure of the amount of currency in circulation. So, we have no way of knowing how fast the printing presses are turning, and these are metaphorical printing presses, because most of the currency created now is created digitally. But, we have no way of knowing how much cash the Fed is creating, so, they're hiding inflation that way. The third thing that has been done recently, which was the prime mover for From The Wilderness' Fourth Ruppert Economic Alert, which we published yesterday, June 14th; is the fact that the President by means of a very almost overlooked memo--administrative memo--if you will, as granted to John Negroponte, the National Director of Intelligence, the authority to exempt any corporation doing national security contract work with the U.S. Government from all SEC recording requirements." -Michael Ruppert, (read more at Global Public Media)


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