Sunday, August 13, 2006

from mediabistro:

Acting On Request Of Iranian Prez., C-SPAN To Air Unedited 60 Minutes Interview

This Monday night, for the first time in six years, C-SPAN will air one of Mike Wallace's 60 Minutes interviews uncut and commercial-free.

C-SPAN programming VP Terry Murphy says "we agreed with CBS News that airing this interview in its entirety is very much in the public interest and fits with C-SPAN's style of airing events as they happened and without commercials. This is also a unique opportunity for viewers to see for themselves the editorial process at a major network news organization, and find out which portions of an extended interview actually make it on air."


Blogger aaron said...

after a long career, mike wallace proves to be nothing but a disrespectful hack.

i can hardly imagine wallace treating bush in such a manner, assuming bush had the integrity to actually answer any questions by anybody, much less grant an interview with an iranian journalist.

glad your retiring, mike.

Monday, August 14, 2006  

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