Thursday, August 31, 2006

(BB) - Maine is awesome, President Bush is a complete Fuck.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (AP) — President Bush came to his parent's century-old summer home on the Maine coast for a little relaxation, a distant cousin's wedding and some family time. He got all that, along with a boisterous reminder nearly on his bucolic doorstep of the unpopularity of his Iraq policies.

I wonder if it was Bush's Fox News cousin who decided to prematurely call Bush the winner of the 2000 election, or the cousin who was supposed to be in the south tower, until his meeting was moved the night before, (not to be confused with Bush's brother Marvin, a WTC security head, or another head of security, John O'Neil, who died in the attacks, just days after he had been removed from the Bin Laden case.


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